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Types of stage hire

Case Studies

Featherstone High School Stage extensions like this make up a large part of the work we do. This was for a student performance at Featherstone High School. We finished the stage in black casement to keep it looking as neat as possible. This took a 2 man team less than an hour to build, so if you're running to a tight schedule, we can be out of your hair in no time.


Manor House

As far as small stages go, this is great value for money. It can all fit on a luton, meaning very low transport costs. Plus, it's low to the ground, so no worries about guardrail. Whether it's as a base for a marquee, or a performance stage, this cost effective option is highly adaptive. This one's 24'x16', but as with all Steeldeck it can be made to almost any shape or size.


In the shadow of Wembley Stadium, we built a large platform with an accompanying camera riser as part of an NFL game. The stage deck is finished with a soft fascia, that's been stapled to the deck, and to the packers under each leg to stop it blowing around in the wind. By using a number of differently shaped deck, we were able to create the exact stage design and size the client wanted. Jacks have been used to achieve a completely flat, level finish, despite the bumpy tarmac ground, improving safety.


Stages like the one to the right are a common portable stage hire solution. As this is a performers area rather than a public one, open guard rails have been used to allow maximum space for running cables, and allow easy access. We've also built a 200mm high riser at the back of the stage for the drum kit. The stage is finished in a soft fascia.


Without any fascia, it's easy to see exactly how Steeldeck is put together. The flanged leg system allows for less than half the normal amount of legs to be used, whilst still keeping the stage rock solid. This system makes the deck quick to build and breakdown. Furthermore, the flange allows the use of screwjacks. With a large surface area base that won't sink into the ground and an adjustable height mechanism, screwjacks mean that whatever the ground looks like, Steeldeck will be level and flat.

About Steeldeck

Steeldeck have been providing stage hire and tiered seating solutions for over 25 years. We love a challenge and work hard on every project to ensure that our staging and seating is put to its best possible use. Steeldeck is still our primary stage rental solution, but we also offer Litedeck and Revostage, allowing us to adapt to any event. We pride ourselves on great service, and our staff will be on hand to make sure everything runs smoothly from the first phone call to stage disassembly. Give us a call, or enquire online for stage hire prices and to find out how Steeldeck’s stage and seating hire can work for you.

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