Where are you based?

We have offices in London and Manchester and operate across the UK. We are happy to quote for jobs within Europe. Contact us for more details.

How do I hire a stage?

If you’re unsure what you require, please call us on 0207 833 2031 or send an email at rentals@steeldeck.co.uk with as much information as possible, and we’ll be happy to help no matter the scope of your project.

All of our decks come in increments of 1’ (or 305mm) from a 2’x1’ to an 8’ x 4’ . Give us as much information as you can – size, height, dates of hire, venue and what you’re using the stage for. For example; tell us what is taking place on the platform, how many people will be using it and where we need to deliver.

Do you deliver?

Yes we do. We can arrange transport to hire your Steeldeck kit across the UK and Europe delivering at a time in the day convenient to you including weekends. We can arrange to come and collect it too!

Can Steeldeck build the stage for me?

Yes we can. Our expert team of Project Managers and Build Crew deliver and construct temporary demountable staging and seating across a huge range of venues for many different industries including festivals, theatres, churches, schools, studios, film and TV… and more.

What time are you open?

Our build crew and delivery drivers operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The office and warehouse opening times are 8:00am to 4:30pm, Monday to Friday.

What are the earliest/latest times for deliveries and collections?

By prior arrangement we can deliver/collect at any time that suits you.

If you are providing your own transport, then 8:00am to 4:00pm, Monday to Friday.

Can I collect the kit myself, and will it fit in my van?

Yes you can of course use your own transport, however please check your vehicle size will accommodate your order. Our commonly used 8′ x 4′ deck weighs 77kg and will require a long wheelbase vehicle. If you wish to arrange your own transport, we can advise you on what vehicle is required.

Please remember our warehouse is only open to public from 8:00am to 4:00pm, Monday to Friday.

Are the platforms easy to build?

Yes. Our platforms can be very straightforward to build, and we have instruction videos towards the end of this section to help guide you.

We recommend at least two people carry a deck and wear safety boots. You will need a “podger” with a 17mm/19mm ratchet or adjustable spanner for bolting the decks and attaching the legs.

Can I reserve my quote?

We cannot reserve equipment until you have confirmed your order. To confirm your order, please send us your purchase order and/or written confirmation by email.

How do I pay?

You can pay by card over the phone (Visa/MasterCard) or via BACS. Details can be found on your invoice. If you are likely to use our services more than once, then opening an account is possible. If you have not used our service before then you will need to fill out our new client form before hiring with us.

What finishes can I use on my stages?

We can offer carpet, casement skirt, and some cladding – you’re welcome to screw into our decks but please do not use bolt holes as we have to charge you for a new ply top.

Do you offer 'de-topped' decks? Do you offer alternative tops to timber or mesh?

We can hire our decks un-topped but we do charge a re-topping fee for this service. We stock some mesh deck tops across our 8’x4′ and 4’x4′ Steeldeck range.

Are you hiring?

We are always on the lookout for people to join our Steeldeck team. For current jobs please click here to view our careers page.

Is there a guide to safe loading?

Yes, please find our Safe Loading Guide here

How do I attach legs to a Steeldeck? (Instruction Video)

Here’s what you need:
– 2 people
– 19mm / 17mm rachet podger or adjustable spanner
– A spirit level
– We recommended using a podger, wearing gloves and safety shoes

Start by flipping the deck on to its side.

Place all four legs into the sockets of the deck.

Tighten the bolts.

Stand the deck up on to its legs.

Steeldeck top tip: put the bottom legs in first for stability and make sure the legs go all the way in before tightening.

To attach another Steeldeck: repeat actions as above and ensure the bolt holes align. Locate your M10 bolts and tighten with a 17mm socket.

How do I build Steeldeck using flanged legs and screwjacks? (Instruction Video)

Place all four flanged legs into the sockets of your fist deck.

Insert all four screw jacks and stand the deck up.

Make sure two of your flanged legs on your first deck are turned out ready to receive your next deck. Insert just two flanged legs with screw jacks into your next deck.

Pick up the new deck and drop the corner posts on to the flange of your first deck.

Locate your M10 bolts and tighten with a 17mm socket. Using a spirit level, you can now adjust and fine tune your levels on the screw-jacks.

Steeldeck top tips: enusre all the collars on the screw jacks are at the same level before inserting them into the bottom of the legs (these can be adjusted later). One flange can support four decks. Position your flanged leg in your first deck so that it can receive up to three more deck seen here in the video.

How do I attach a guardrail to Steeldeck? (Instruction Video)

Ensure you have the right size and type of guardrail.

Rest the pins (bolts) of the guardrail on the bottom cord of the Steeldeck.

Slot your back plate(s) on to the guardrail pin so that it clamps the two together and tighten the nut.

How do I attach steel treads, box treads and handrail to Steeldeck? (Instruction Video)

Our Steeldeck treads go up to 4’ and our wooden box treads go up to 2’6. Select the correct type and height of treads for your deck.

For steel treads simply hook them over the bottom cord of the Steeldeck.

Add your handrails on each side or as required by aligning the bolt holes and inserting an M10 bolt.

For wooden box treads simply put them up to the deck and use two screws (5/50mm) to attach to the wooden deck top.

Steeldeck top tip: ensure your handrail bolts are not sticking inward towards the steps.

How do I attach castors to create a rolling riser? (Instruction Video)

Small castors with a foot break give you a finished height of 1’ and has a footplate welded to it so you can pick up other deck.

Insert your castors to your Steeldeck leg post sockets.

Turn the plate on your castors in towards the deck. Alternatively turn the plates outwards in order to pick up your next deck.

Place your next deck on to the castors plate. Bolt together. Repeat as required.

Large castors require a scaff sleeve and you can slot in to any Steeldeck scaff leg. This means you can go up to any flanged leg height providing you have the correct bracing.

Insert your castors into your Steeldeck scaff legs then into the leg post sockets and tighten the bolt. If you are joining deck, using flange legs turn your flange outward to receive your next deck.

Steeldeck top tip: when joining deck on castors put the brakes on your first deck to stop it rolling away!