Why choose our LiteDeck

Rolling risers are one of the most common uses for LiteDeck. The clean cut aluminium finish on the deck means it looks great with no fascia.

LiteDeck is lightweight. Being constructed from aluminium, means visually it looks great, and is super easy to move around.

Leg savers can be used to support four decks on one leg.

While not designed to carry as much weight as our original Steeldeck; LiteDeck is still incredibly robust. Topped with a layer of birch plywood and able to bear nearly 1.5 tonnes of weight per deck; LiteDeck can function as an excellent stage base, indoors or out.

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Built to last

Litedeck raised stage platform Lightweight version of Steeldeck Compatible with Steeldeck Sleek design Aluminium build

Our LiteDeck Range

Rectangles & Squares

Our LiteDeck stock includes:


We hold stock of 4′ and 8′ open LiteDeck guardrail.


We can deliver a range of finishes to complement our staging and seating installations. We can provide finishes including MDF or ply fascia, carpet in various colours and casement or serge fabric skirting. We also provide nosing and GRP nonslip finishes for outdoor use.


Stock castors added to our steel legs change a static stage to a rolling riser. We also stock a 4 into 1 legs saver to reduce number of decks required per deck.

Wheels and scaffolding accessories