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Our seats are versatile and comfortable. Wide, padded and upholstered seats guarantee comfort and style for the most exclusive events, indoors and outdoors.

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Built to last

Upholstered seating (non-upholstered available for exterior use) Secure design meeting industry standard Versatile design for bespoke installations Comfortable flip-up seat (seat numbering available)

Our Seating Range


We stock a smart, tip-up box seat range in a charcoal grey upholstered or plastic finish, which can be linked and secured in place for various tiered seating at any height, width and length.


A foldable indoor seat
Tiered seating with steps and guardrail
tiered and flat seating with steps and guardrails
Tiered seating with steps and guard rails

Our plastic seating has all the features of our upholstered range and is advantageous for outdoor use when weather is a factor.

Foldable outdoor seat
A folded outdoor seat

Floor bars allow us to build flat floor seating on a hard surface either as a standalone feature or in addition to a tiered seating installation.

Steeldeck bleacher seating

We offer a range of finishes to complement our staging and seating installations. We can provide smart finishes with black or charcoal carpet and black casement wrap. We also supply aluminium nosing on stairs or treads and supply seat numbering bespoke to clients’ needs.


Our wide range of accessories allows us to build seating with change of direction, in the round and a range of rises to suit bespoke requirements.