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Original Steeldeck

Platforms make up 90% of the work we do. They’re extremely durable (rated for over 2 tonnes per deck) and quick to construct. They come in all shapes and sizes, including circles and triangles, allowing us to create almost any shape under the sun. We also supply a number of accessories, including handrail, treads and hard and soft fascia for finishing. We use scaffold bracing to ensure even the tallest of structures are stable and safe. Give us a call, and we’ll tell you all about our magnificent safety ratings.

Tiered Seating

Our tiered seating structures are quick and flexible, with seating specially designed for indoor and outdoor uses. We can build to any rise height you require, at any angle, and in awkward spaces. And now for the first time we offer a range of tip-up seating that’s tailor made to work with our deck, which means the installation goes up in a flash. The stand is clad with simple and elegant black casement, creating the perfect platform for our smart tip-up seats. If you’d like to know more, give us a call.


Steeldeck is now stocking Lite-Deck! With an aluminium frame and a lighter ply on top, these platforms weigh a good 20kg less than our original Steeldeck. The clean aluminium looks great even without facia- perfect for when you want to leave the decks on show. It’s not quite as tough and rugged as the original Steeldeck, but with a 5kN/m2 rating you can rest assured it will still take the strain.


If you’re building something tall, our new Layher system is ideal. With a ground-up build method it’s quick to install, flexible and lightweight. This system is ideal for camera risers for film sets, since it’s built with an internal staircase, meaning it takes up as little space as possible. Like all our products, it’s highly safety rated, which should keep the structural engineers happy.


Spider deck is an extremely lightweight alternative to Steeldeck. It goes up in a flash, and comes in a number of different heights, meaning it can adapt to your every need. They consist of a pop up three-dimensional lattice of aluminium tubes supporting a folding panel top. This doesn’t just sound impressive; it also gives the deck one of the best strength to weight ratios around. A perfect small stage for a private party.

About Steeldeck

Steeldeck have been providing stage hire and raked seating solutions for over 25 years. We love a challenge and work hard on every project to ensure that our staging and seating is put to its best possible use. Steeldeck is still our primary stage rental solution, but we also offer the more portable Layher and scaffold solutions, allowing us to adapt to any event. We pride ourselves on great service, and our staff will be on hand to make sure everything runs smoothly from the first phone call to stage disassembly. Give us a call, or enquire online for stage hire prices and to find out how Steeldeck's stage and seating hire can work for you.

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