The Old Vic

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A Gala Performance at The Old Vic

The Old Vic needed a level platform over the raked stalls and stage, so diners could sit at tables for a gala fundraising event. Working in collaboration with the production manager, we designed a two-level structure to give the audience better views of the stage.

Following a design change; the stage was positioned at the opposite end by the circle, with diners on two platforms; in the stalls and on the stage.

“Kady and Tariq were great and really helped, not only in installing the structure, but in all the planning process leading up to that. They made sure that no stone was left unturned, and we didn't come up against any surprise problems on the day. Well done!”

Kat Ellis, Freelance Project Manager, The Old Vic Theatre

The design of the new stage was elliptical, so we worked with the scenic company to provide a sub structure that they could build on. This resulted in a three-level structure, accessed by both stairs and ramps.

One particular challenge was to design a ramp that didn’t conflict with the seating space yet went low and fast enough that we could achieve the required clearance below the circle. After debating numerous surveys and drawings, we had a design. We knew the fit was incredibly tight and at first build we were roughly 50mm too high, however with some inspired and innovative tweaking onsite, we made it fit perfectly.

A major challenge to our design process was a week prior to starting work – there was an enormous set on the stage, which proved impossible for us to take accurate measurements.

We used the AutoCAD drawings and the few measurements we could take to produce a design which we believed would work. We visited the site a few days before the live build and with minimal revisions, the kit list was finalised, and we were good to go.