Tiered seating

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Tiered bleacher seats in a conference/lecture layout

Why choose our tiered seating

For all tiered seating projects we make a site visit where we can thoroughly assess any limitations and constraints.
During this visit, we’ll discuss the nature of your event to determine the best sight lines that work with the space, performance, and audience experience.
Our extensive range of tier increments and the adaptability of our deck mean that we can deliver highly customised solutions tailored to your specific needs.
A 7” (approx. 180mm) rise keeps the seating block low to the ground whilst still providing adequate sight lines, while our floor bar system allows seats to extend out at the base of the structure.
A 12” (approx. 300mm) rise is great for rooms with a bit more ceiling height, as it keeps the seating block more compact, as well as giving great sight lines. Where ceiling height is not an issue, we can even go to an 18” (460mm approx.) rise which creates perfect sight lines.
We use wooden treads for stairs up the structure, with bracing underneath to keep them solid.

Tiered bleacher seats at an exhibition
Tiered theatre seating

“Last minute request answered quickly and delivered first thing the next day. Our company always use Steeldeck and never ever heard of any problems at all.”

Iain Jones, Assistant Operations Manager, ACC Liverpool