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Boat Show

The London Boat Show is one of the largest jobs we undertake. Our main task is to create walkways around the boats, giving people a better view of the inside. Due to the large number of people that attend, the structures we're building are generally 8' wide, and are often 8' high. To keep them strong and stable, every walkway is extensively braced with tube and clip, meaning that even at that height, there's not the slightest bit of wobble. Due to the height, every section of walkway is guard railed to conform with safety standards. It can be nerve-wracking, working within inches of million pound super-yachts, but the simplicity of building spectator platforms with Steeldeck takes the pressure off.

Bompass and Parr

We've worked closely with Bompass and Parr for a number of years and each creation they ask us to build is more challenging than the last. We've built a boating lake on the roof of Selfridges on Oxford St, and a huge pyramid slide at Big Chill Festival. On this occasion we built another pyramid structure, this time with the added complication that it was floating in the middle of a lake. This bought its own set of challenges, not least nearly falling in! Underneath the painted fascia in the image, Steeldeck has been used alongside tube and clip to create a solid structure that spans the gap over the water.


A disabled viewing platform at its most simple, easily installed at any event. A straight ramp has been built at the back with a landing deck in the middle to ensure conformity to health and safety standards. Our specially made 800mm guardrails have been used to allow maximum visibility for the audience, whilst still passing safety inspections. Screwjacks have been used to create a flat, level surface, even on the uneven muddy ground.

About Steeldeck

Steeldeck have been providing stage hire and raked seating solutions for over 25 years. We love a challenge and work hard on every project to ensure that our staging and seating is put to its best possible use. Steeldeck is still our primary stage rental solution, but we also offer the more portable Layher and scaffold solutions, allowing us to adapt to any event. We pride ourselves on great service, and our staff will be on hand to make sure everything runs smoothly from the first phone call to stage disassembly. Give us a call, or enquire online for stage hire prices and to find out how Steeldeck's stage and seating hire can work for you.

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