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Seating fit for Graduating

We have been fortunate to work in partnership with Production Bureau for seating installations since 2019. Production Bureau is a multi-service creative production agency and for three years, we have been appointed to work with them on behalf of the University of East Anglia (UEA) to deliver the graduation ceremony to mark the hard work and celebrate the success of graduating students.

As a specialist provider for seating equipment, our seating system gives us the flexibility to build large tiered seating in addition to flat floor seating on a hard surface. Given the special occasion, it meant we were able to provide bespoke comfortable seating in an exceptional finish for the audience.

Our brief has increased over the years for UEA, and we are delighted to have always delivered. In 2019, we provided 1,365 seats with 630 of them on a 7″ rise tier structure. The tier was finished with black carpet and front fascia, nosing in the aisles with black casement on the sides and the backs. 735 flat floor seating were also installed in front of the tier. We also installed a camera platform, and a small stage with ramps for graduates to cross the stage.

In 2022 and 2023, we provided 660 seats on a 7″ rise tier seating and 1,359 on flat floor to deliver 2,019 seats in total, alongside a camera platform encased within the tier structure, and a bespoke handrail in the centre of the main aisle.

It is an honour to work with Production Bureau and University of East Anglia to provide the seating for such a memorable occasion.