Ubisoft for Blast R6 Major Manchester Final

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Meticulously planning for increased capacity for eSports

The Bowlers Exhibition Centre (B.E.C.) in Manchester, a venue known for diverse exhibitions, conferences, sporting events and live music, was chosen for the Rainbow Six BLAST R6 Major Manchester 2024. This tournament brings together 20 elite teams from across the globe to compete for a $750,000 prize pool. Given Steeldeck Rentals’ extensive experience in event staging and seating structures in Manchester and London, we were the ideal delivery partner for this project.

To transform the exhibition centre into an arena-like environment suitable for a high-energy eSports event, we included tiered and flat floor seating, along with a cost-effective solution for the main stage structure and front-of-house platforms.

As one of the few suppliers capable of customising event structures, we were able to deliver bespoke solutions to meet requirements for both seating and staging.

The initial brief required seating for 1,790 attendees, so we designed a layout and tiered structure to meet this capacity. After the event sold out, there was a demand to increase seating capacity. We revisited the design and changed the layout to accommodate 2,360 attendees without compromising on comfort or safety.

We designed a stage featuring custom-shaped infills, steps, and Rewind Flat recyclable event carpet. The stage design underwent multiple revisions to incorporate ground support truss towers and large LED screens. Two weeks before the build we were tasked with developing a custom deck fascia to allow the event technical team to illuminate the front of the stage steps with LED tape. We designed and prototyped a solution that worked perfectly to meet the brief.

During the setup, it was evident that some audience members had obstructed views of the live gameplay screens. We swiftly collaborated with the client and venue to adjust the flat floor seating layout, ensuring clear sightlines for all attendees.

The project required substantial resources, amounting to eight lorry loads of equipment. Despite the volume, we efficiently completed the load-in and build within two and a half days and were able to strike and load out all the equipment on a 9-hour overnight shift as soon as the audience had left the venue following the tournament Grand Final.

The final setup was visually striking and functionally effective, fully meeting the client’s expectations. The seamless execution and rapid problem-solving showcased our ability to deliver excellence under tight deadlines and evolving requirements.

Through meticulous planning, innovative solutions, and responsive adjustments, Steeldeck Rentals successfully transformed the B.E.C. into an electrifying eSports arena. Our collaboration reinforced our reputation as a premier provider of bespoke event staging and seating solutions.