International Women’s Day

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Celebrating female mentorship

International Women’s Day is a significant reminder of the ongoing challenges that women still face in achieving gender equality. To help raise awareness of this year’s theme ‘inspire inclusion’; we discussed the importance of female mentorship with two members of our Manchester team.

We spoke with Project and Site Coordinator Cam Thomson who gave us an insight into his journey so far at Steeldeck Rentals, and how the pivotal role his mentor Katie Mountain, Technical Director, has helped to support and develop his career path.

Cam was first introduced to Katie during his employment with a subcontractor on a Manchester project where Steeldeck had outsourced additional support for a staging and seating installation. Impressed by his work ethic and attention to detail, Katie immediately hired him as part of the crew team – and Cam became the youngest member to join Steeldeck.

Cam Thomson, Project & Site Coordinator

Working at Steeldeck is not easy, it’s labour intensive and requires meticulous knowledge particularly as delivering on health and safety and customer satisfaction are primary objectives for the business. With remarkable determination, Cam learnt the intricacies of build and logistics quickly. The support and encouragement Cam received was exceptional. Easily and instantly welcomed by the team, Cam received hands-on site-based experience that equipped him with a good understanding. No day is the same at Steeldeck, and as every project is bespoke, the job requires a high level of mental and physical focus to understand the logistics, safe loading, project management, time bound, budgets, and of course knowledge of the Steeldeck, Litedeck and seating products. Steeldeck takes health and safety extremely seriously, so regular training is an essential part of the business.

Showing great aptitude and skill, Cam coordinated Steeldeck’s entire Glastonbury delivery in 2022 and 2023 – a monumental job, and to reflect his outstanding work, has recently been promoted to Project and Site Coordinator. He is now on a trajectory to become a phenomenal Project Manager, having demonstrated a genuine understanding of the role at speed, and the detail of running a project from inception to completion. Cam’s first big job was Dark Noon at Aviva Studios with Factory International – which he project manged superbly – an amazing achievement.

Under Katie’s mentorship, Cam received comprehensive and clear guidance, gaining insights across all aspects of the business. Katie’s leadership and investment in an open and honest mentoring culture has truly helped to inspire and empower Cam into developing and excelling his own career path.

Dark Noon, Factory International
Dark Noon, Factory International

The Steeldeck team are personable, loyal and committed to maintaining their goal as being one of the leaders in their industry. We welcome individuals from diverse backgrounds and are open to those without prior experience. Katie saw qualities in Cam that would fit with the culture and values of working at Steeldeck.

For 30 years Steeldeck Rentals has been designing, building and installing bespoke temporary staging and seating across the UK and Europe, and with expanding operations in London and Manchester, the team are always on the lookout for new members.

At Steeldeck, we celebrate the success of our team members and are dedicated to providing an environment of growth and inclusivity, where mentorship plays a pivotal role in shaping future leaders.

Manchester team