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We have built a great reputation from strong foundations

Our original Steeldeck product is trusted and unrivalled in range, versatility and strength and a sustainable product which aligns with our aims for net zero by 2030.

Our personable team can quickly respond to last-minute requests, adapt easily, and effectively work within tight time constraints. We have the capability to construct at any time of the day throughout the week. With our expert technical proficiency and the presence of dedicated, experienced senior staff on location, we will successfully manage the project from start to finish. As the leading supplier for intricate and bespoke staging and seating installations, our flexible approach gives us the edge to tackle design and construction challenges that align with our unique structure, distinguishing us from other imitations of Steeldeck.

Our product is the most recognisable in the market. We hold the largest stock of Steeldeck in the UK in a full range of sizes, which means we are the go-to supplier for staging. We provide bespoke platforms for the biggest events at short notice. Steeldeck comes in a range of shapes and sizes; everything from a 2’x1’ to an 8’x4′, including circles and triangles, making it easy to achieve complex set ups and innovative designs. We stock a range of LiteDeck, a staging system that is lightweight, versatile, and suitable for most events.

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