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BAC – preferred production supplier

Posted on: July 12th, 2024 by sdEditor

We are delighted to announce that we have been selected as one of the preferred production suppliers for Battersea Arts Centre (BAC).

Located in Clapham Junction, this iconic venue is a well-regarded performance space and a vital hub for creative innovation, youth engagement, and community involvement. BAC hosts and celebrates a diverse array of artistic events, including theatre, dance, and music.

Over the years, we have collaborated with BAC to provide bespoke tiered seating and staging structures, customising our designs to optimise the performance space. Our extensive experience in the theatre and arts industry across multiple venues in London and throughout the UK ensures that we deliver best practices for the safe installation and use of our structures. This deep understanding of the industry’s needs allows us to respond quickly and effectively to tight time constraints. We are thrilled to be recognised by BAC and look forward to continuing our collaboration with BAC and their clients, by adding value with our modular staging and seating solutions and upholding the highest standards of safety and installation techniques.

Flints partnership

Posted on: June 10th, 2024 by sdEditor

We are pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with Flints, a leading supplier of specialist materials and hardware for the theatre, broadcasting, and events industries. This collaboration will see the launch of an enhanced click and collect service, designed to streamline operations and better serve customers in London.

Utilising Steeldeck Rentals’ office in Verney Road, Bermondsey, opens new opportunities for Flints to meet the increasing demand for a dedicated click and collect service in the city. This initiative marks a significant expansion for Flints, enhancing access and convenience for their London-based customers.

Customers requiring materials and hardware quickly will find this solution saves both time and effort. The strategic central London location ensures orders are readily accessible, catering to a broad customer base with a more convenient collection point.

Key details of the service include:

Orders can be placed directly through Flints’ website,, by selecting the “Click & Collect from Steeldeck Rentals, Verney Road” delivery option. The service is offered at no additional charge and requires no minimum order value.

This partnership not only enhances operational efficiency but also aligns with the environmentally conscious practices of both Flints and Steeldeck Rentals. By consolidating operations in London, the initiative aims to reduce both the carbon footprint and costs for local customers.

To ensure the service meets customer expectations, a 3-month trial period will be conducted in London. This will allow both companies to assess and refine the service. Should the trial prove successful, there are plans to expand the click and collect service to Steeldeck Rentals’ Manchester location, reaching customers in the North.

Aiming for Sustainable Deliveries

Posted on: May 28th, 2024 by sdEditor

We are excited to announce the introduction of a new electric van to our fleet. This move aligns with our commitment to sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint.

Our new electric van, a Ford E-Transit, will maximise carrying capacity while operating sustainably. With zero emissions, it contributes to improving air quality and reducing our environmental impact.

Industry recommendations suggest changing 20% of our fleet annually until 2035. We are dedicated to achieving net zero by 2035, and by incorporating electric vehicles into our fleet, we are taking proactive steps toward reaching our goal across all our operations.

The Ford E-Transit offers our London-based team the capability to deliver equipment across central London in a more environmentally friendly manner. By switching to electric vans, we aim to lead by example in the industry, demonstrating the feasibility and benefits of sustainable transportation solutions.

This is a fantastic benefit for us, as it will keep costs down on congestion charges until the end of 2025, eliminate the requirement for road tax, and is a more cost-effective option to run compared to traditional diesel vans.

For businesses like ours delivering staging and seating structures, embracing electric vehicles not only supports our environmental goals but also contributes to those of our clients and to a cleaner, healthier future for urban communities. As cities prioritise reducing emissions and improving air quality, initiatives like our transition to electric vans play a crucial role in driving positive change.

Music Support

Posted on: May 16th, 2024 by sdEditor

Music Support offers a series of mental health courses led by licensed instructors, accredited by Mental Health First Aid England (MHFA). These courses are designed to raise awareness of mental health, providing support to individuals to navigate mental health issues effectively for themselves and for others.

Music Support’s mission is to “…provide help and support to peers who work in music and live events affected by mental ill-health and/or addiction and to promote early intervention through support services, education and workshops.”

Four of our dedicated staff who work across both our operations in London and Manchester, have been enrolled in these comprehensive 16-hour courses facilitated by Music Support. The sessions offer a specialised approach to mental health, and during delivery, the instructors encourage conversations geared towards the industry’s unique demands.

As part of our commitment to providing support for mental wellbeing, we plan to roll out the course to more of our staff, to ensure our teams are equipped with the necessary skills to champion mental health awareness within Steeldeck and the industry in which we work.

Our Warehouse Supervisor, Tony Penney became a first aider eight years ago to understand the basic skills. Keen to further his knowledge specifically given his role working on site, he developed training with torniquet techniques to give him the ability to dress wounds and perform CPR with the use of an AED.

As a first aider, Tony recognised the significance of extending his expertise beyond physical health and is now pursuing additional training to become a mental health first aider.

“I wanted to equip myself with the necessary tools to identify and address poor mental health and intervene before a situation has the potential to escalate. I simply want to support and offer guidance, when and where needed.” Tony Penney, Warehouse Supervisor

For further information contact

Olivier Awards

Posted on: April 16th, 2024 by sdEditor

Steeldeck Rentals were delighted to attend the exceptional evening which recognises the incredible talent across theatre. The Olivier Awards first established in 1976, is presented by the Society of London Theatre (SOLT) and took place on Sunday 14 April at the iconic Royal Albert Hall.

The prestigious event celebrates the past year of inspiring achievements, and with over 228 new shows captivating theatre goers, the evening was bursting with excitement.

Given our leading role in staging and seating hire, Steeldeck Rentals has contributed to many of these productions in some way, so being part of the audience this year felt particularly special to us.

Many of our Steeldeck Rentals team have a background in theatre, so we have a continued interest, knowledge, and passion in the important work that the theatre industry brings. We recognise only too well the dedication of production teams who bring these shows to life, and we are honoured to play our part in supporting them.

Product Partnership Announcement

Posted on: March 27th, 2024 by sdEditor

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with ESITS (The Event Structures Industry Training Scheme) as their lead modular staging product partner.

ESITS delivers training, accreditation, and competency assurance in the event and entertainment industries. We are delighted to collaborate with them to provide insight and best practice for the safe use and installation techniques of our products.

With over 30 years of experience, Steeldeck Rentals has been at the forefront of designing, building, and installing bespoke temporary staging and seating solutions across the UK and Europe. With operations in London and Manchester, we cater to all event types – from theatre, film and TV to music festivals and fashion shows. Our expertise ensures accurate and effective solutions without compromising on design.

Mike Dean, Scheme Director at ESITS, shared his excitement about our partnership, highlighting our position as leaders in modular staging and seating solutions, to deliver guidance to professionals to handle temporary demountable structures safely.

Our aim is to address industry training needs and uphold the highest standards of safety and best practice. From design to installation and de-rig, our meticulous approach ensures safety at every step. Being recognised by ESITS as a product partner is testament to our expertise in the field.

Commitment to health and safety is our priority, and this partnership allows us to share our expertise and mitigate risks effectively. Together, we can shape the future of event safety training, ensuring every event is not just memorable but also safe for all involved.

Radio 6 Music Festival

Posted on: March 21st, 2024 by sdEditor

Over the past two years, Steeldeck Rentals has been instrumental in constructing stage extensions and camera platforms at the versatile event space Victoria Warehouse for the BBC Radio 6 Music Festival in Manchester. We collaborated with Production Manager Frankie Tee of EnTEEtainment, who oversees production management for the festival on behalf of BBC Live Events.

Given the occasional limitations of the venue stage, we were able to extend it using Steeldeck platforms tailored to match the same height. As these performances are all livestreamed on iPlayer, we were able to build platforms for static cameras, a raised platform for a camera dolly track in front of the stage, and a large raised platform to accommodate a jib camera.

In addition to the structural elements, we also offer dry hire equipment such as rolling risers and other platforms as requested by individual acts.

The University of Manchester Chorus

Posted on: March 20th, 2024 by sdEditor

The University of Manchester Chorus enlisted Steeldeck Rentals to supply choir riser tiers for their 2024 Spring Concert at the prestigious Whitworth Hall, a Grade II Listed venue renowned for its elegance. This multipurpose space, accommodating up to 600 people, is also utilised for meetings and serves as a recognised filming location.

With the removal of the wooden risers, the Chorus urgently sought an alternative for their upcoming performance. We devised a solution using our hire kit, designing tiers that seamlessly integrated with the venue’s layout. Positioning the front tiers on the auditorium floor which extended up onto the raked stage, the tiers were flanked by the majestic pipe organ. We elevated the front row to ensure that the choir could be seen over the orchestra and fitted the front row with a low guardrail to ensure safety and prevent any mishaps during the concert.

The University of Manchester Chorus, comprising over 200 members, and is one of the largest choral societies in the UK, and annually perform at the elegant Whitworth Hall twice a year.

Sustainable materials

Posted on: March 13th, 2024 by sdEditor

At Steeldeck, we are committed to working towards minimising the environmental impact of our hire services and operations as we strive to become fully carbon neutral by 2030.

In line with our Environmental Policy, one of our initiatives is to encourage recycling within our depots and installations. In 2023, Steeldeck helped to recycle 2,180 sqm of carpets – that’s nearly a third of a football pitch!

We are delighted to have recently collaborated with carpet specialists MJ’s Event Services. MJ’s are committed to reducing waste and recycling a minimum of 95% of the material they supply. The carpets that we install are rolled up at the derig and stored at our depot, ready for MJ’s to take away to recycle whilst delivering new carpet for our next project. Clients we work with often ask if we can reuse the carpet, and we are pleased to provide MJ’s details as a preferred supplier.

International Women’s Day

Posted on: March 8th, 2024 by sdEditor

International Women’s Day is a significant reminder of the ongoing challenges that women still face in achieving gender equality. To help raise awareness of this year’s theme ‘inspire inclusion’; we discussed the importance of female mentorship with two members of our Manchester team.

We spoke with Project and Site Coordinator Cam Thomson who gave us an insight into his journey so far at Steeldeck Rentals, and how the pivotal role his mentor Katie Mountain, Technical Director, has helped to support and develop his career path.

Cam was first introduced to Katie during his employment with a subcontractor on a Manchester project where Steeldeck had outsourced additional support for a staging and seating installation. Impressed by his work ethic and attention to detail, Katie immediately hired him as part of the crew team – and Cam became the youngest member to join Steeldeck.