Brighton Pride

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Activating Brighton for Pride

DHB Group are a live event production company who are experts in bespoke manufacturing for brand activations and regularly work with blue chip companies.

DHB approached Steeldeck to collaborate in creating a design for their client at Brighton Pride. The project centred around six modified shipping containers as the primary feature. The Brighton site location presented an obstacle due to its steep incline. DHB needed a solution to level the stage and walkways, ensuring it could support the weight of the containers and accommodate a large audience, whilst maintaining the visual impact of the overall design. Along with the platform for the activation, we designed and built bespoke steps up to accommodate the uneven terrain and added an accessible ramp for ease of access.

With considerable challenges to safely support the heavy container loads, whilst building in varying and uneven surfaces, we knew we needed to construct a structure that ranged from 200mm high in one corner to 1600mm high in the opposite corner.

“Katie was from start to finish a complete professional, a total pleasure to work with on a complex project. It was so reassuring to deal with someone who not only knows her equipment back to front but is hands on and thinks on her feet on site. The complete service, all the crew, equipment felt like part of the DHB team. I will have no hesitation to use Steeldeck again when the correct project lands. ”

Tony Waters, Director, DHB Group
Credit: Alan Hatherillo
Credit: Alan Hatherillo Credit: Alan Hatherillo
Credit: Alan Hatherillo
steeldeck team assembling outdoor stage
Credit: Alan Hatherillo
Credit: Tony Waters, DHB
Outdoor stage setup
Steeldeck team assembling outdoor stage

A sail shade had to pass through the Steeldeck and be supported all the way to the ground. To ensure that the loads from the containers did not exceed the site’s ground bearing capacity, we procured specialised spreaders and, after extensive conversations with pull tester manufacturer Staht, we acquired a precise anchor puller which was specially modified for our use to test the ground anchors we installed. Adding to the complexity, there was an underground electrical installation on our construction site. To mitigate any risks, we conducted ground scans to ensure that our ground anchors would not accidentally interfere with live wires. All of this had to be accomplished whilst considering live loads, wind loads and planning an effective method to prevent the entire set up from sliding down the hill!

Working closely with DHB on every aspect of the installation, it was essential that all structural elements aligned perfectly with what DHB needed to deliver. This involved thorough examination of plans and extensive discussions to ensure all aspects would seamlessly come to together. We dedicated a significant amount of time consulting with our own engineers to anticipate and address any potential issues to ensure we were prepared for all eventualities.

This was a particularly unique build, and we thoroughly enjoy taking on these projects as this is precisely where our expertise shines. It’s so rewarding!

We are thrilled that our collaboration with DHB led to our support with further festival activations over the summer at Boardmasters and All Points East.