Aviva Studios, home of Factory International

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Accessible platforms for Johnny Marr

Factory International’s new and staggering venue Aviva Studios hosted a night with the talented Johnny Marr – the guitarist and co-songwriter who first came to the spotlight with The Smiths.

Steeldeck were appointed to install multiple stage hire for the event including a substantial accessible viewing platform set over two levels. Access to the primary stage was facilitated by a platform lift supplied by the venue, complemented with a ramp to reach the top level. Additionally, we supplied the venue with dry hire kit to build a smaller accessible viewing platform.

We installed a 64ft x 43ft stage at 4ft high. This structure was constructed utilising our flanged legs, incorporating a mix of both venue-supplied Steeldeck and our stage rental deck. In order to accommodate forthcoming events, we revisited the venue to adjust the stage dimensions, reducing it by 16ft.

At short notice, the production team needed tiered orchestra risers. We were able to respond promptly to draft plans and compiled equipment lists for the technical team to provide dry hire kit to assemble the risers independently. Anticipating that they may need more support on the ground due to the considerable workload, our team took the lead in building the orchestra risers ready for the rehearsal that evening.

The Johnny Marr gigs took place on 7 and 8 December, and Children of Zeus performed on 9 December, followed by the DMA’s held 15 December.