Aiming for Sustainable Deliveries

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Steeldeck Rentals London introduces electric van to fleet

We are excited to announce the introduction of a new electric van to our fleet. This move aligns with our commitment to sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint.

Our new electric van, a Ford E-Transit, will maximise carrying capacity while operating sustainably. With zero emissions, it contributes to improving air quality and reducing our environmental impact.

Industry recommendations suggest changing 20% of our fleet annually until 2035. We are dedicated to achieving net zero by 2035, and by incorporating electric vehicles into our fleet, we are taking proactive steps toward reaching our goal across all our operations.

The Ford E-Transit offers our London-based team the capability to deliver equipment across central London in a more environmentally friendly manner. By switching to electric vans, we aim to lead by example in the industry, demonstrating the feasibility and benefits of sustainable transportation solutions.

This is a fantastic benefit for us, as it will keep costs down on congestion charges until the end of 2025, eliminate the requirement for road tax, and is a more cost-effective option to run compared to traditional diesel vans.

For businesses like ours delivering staging and seating structures, embracing electric vehicles not only supports our environmental goals but also contributes to those of our clients and to a cleaner, healthier future for urban communities. As cities prioritise reducing emissions and improving air quality, initiatives like our transition to electric vans play a crucial role in driving positive change.