8 Northumberland

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The Grand Ramp Access

Our client, Kew Workshop – a family run business who create custom sets for events – commissioned us to construct an access ramp for a premiere event at The Grand, 8 Northumberland Avenue. Collaborating closely with Kew Workshop and their access specialist, we addressed and resolved inquiries from the local council to devise a design tailored to suit the occasion.

It was important that the ramp installed was accessible, given the documentary featured step free access. The final ramp design seamlessly integrated with the top of the concrete steps leading to the hotel foyer. We built a projected landing which extended beyond the entrance steps onto the pavement, followed by a 90-degree angle to position the ramp along the hotel’s side, ensuring it didn’t obstruct the pavement.

Adhering to guidelines, we built a 1:12 accessible ramp with strategically placed landings, facilitating a smooth descent to ground level. Adding a balustrade for safety and a hard fascia beneath the ramp, complemented by a red carpet installed by Kew Workshop, resulted in a visually appealing and high-end finish. The completed structure was an achievement for the venue, given it was the first time to have access resolved in this way. Not only did it meet the standards for access ramps but also reflected the sophistication befitting the premiere event it served. We efficiently constructed the ramp on the morning of the premiere and returned post-event to dismantle it.

“Just to say a big thank you for your work, we received fantastic feedback at the event with the ramp getting a special mention!”

Bill Mclaughlin, Director Kew Workshop