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Commercial & Corporate Events

At Steeldeck, we have over 25 years of experience catering to events across the country, serving all manner of clients with adaptable stage hire solutions and seating rental. Our flexibility and tailored service have given us a name as one of the UK’s leading stage and tiered seating suppliers.

We’ve helped commercial and corporate customers with flexible event solutions to their stage and seating needs. No matter the project, we work tirelessly to ensure that your event not only goes off without a hitch but caters to its every need as well – day or night.

Set Up Your Commercial Event for Success

Commercial events are all about making a big impression on your attendees. You want staging that stands out and accommodates whatever the occasion calls for, and you need seating solutions to ensure everyone gets a good look at the action.

Our high-quality seating and staging are tailored entirely to your event. Your Project Manager will design it to your specifications, giving you a memorable platform that perfectly pairs with the needs of the occasion. Whether you’re catering to an intimate but impactful occasion or a loud and proud event worth shouting about, we’ve got you covered.

Explore our stage hire for events and seating hire for events pages to learn more.


Professional & Reliable Stage Hire for Corporate Events

Corporate events and conferences need a stage and seating setup that’s reliable and cleanly composed. We’re not just builders; we’re designers, and we can craft the perfect setup for your event based on the space you’re working with.

Delegate the stressful job of ensuring your attendees’ comfort to us, and we’ll design and put into action your corporate event’s staging and seating, however you need it set up. No fuss, just reliable solutions that get the job done.

Find out more about stage hire for conferences and seating hire for conferences for further information.


How Does Stage & Seating Hire for Events Work?

Our stage rental and seating solutions are professionally designed but accessible for everyone. They’re designed to be flexible without sacrificing structural integrity, giving you a solution for your event that’s tailormade to the occasion.

Our instructional videos will show you how it’s done, and you can read our FAQs for more answers to our most commonly asked questions.


What You Need to Know About Steeldeck Products

Each of our products is designed to serve a purpose. The Steeldeck platform and stage is the true original, with a robust, wide-ranging catalogue of shapes and sizes to suit any space.

Our indoor & outdoor tiered seating is ideal for many terrains and capacities, with a comfortable design that can be set up in a range of heights depending on your needs.

Our other products include Lite-Deck Aluminium Platforms and flexible LAYHER platforms, both of which provide adaptable alternatives depending on your needs.

Make a Stage & Seating Hire Enquiry with Steeldeck Today

Whether you’re hosting a commercial or corporate event, we’d love to chat with you if you’re looking for a tailored, flexible and accessible solution to your stage and seating needs. 

Get in touch with us today to learn more or get the ball rolling with an enquiry.

You can also find out more about Steeldeck and read our client testimonials to get a glimpse at how we can bring your event to life.



    About Steeldeck

    Steeldeck have been providing stage hire and tiered seating solutions for over 30 years. We love a challenge and work hard on every project to ensure that our staging and seating is put to its best possible use. Steeldeck is still our primary stage rental solution, but we also offer Litedeck and Revostage, allowing us to adapt to any event. We pride ourselves on great service, and our staff will be on hand to make sure everything runs smoothly from the first phone call to stage disassembly. Give us a call, or enquire online for stage hire prices and to find out how Steeldeck’s stage and seating hire can work for you.

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