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Types of seating hire

Seating Hire

Steeldeck have been experts in seating hire solutions for over 25 years. We have provided tiered seating services for all types of venues, including auditorium seating, lecture theatre seating, grandstand seating – you name it!

Our tiered seating structures are quick and flexible, with seating specially designed for indoor and outdoor uses. We can build to any rise height you require, at any angle, and in awkward spaces.

And now for the first time we offer a range of tip-up tiered seating that’s tailor made to work with our deck, which means the installation goes up in a flash. The stand is clad with simple and elegant black casement, creating the perfect platform for our smart tip-up seats.

Why Choose Steeldeck?

  • We are proud to be the original Steeldeck company with 25 years of experience.
  • Our seating hire is tailored to your every requirement. We love a challenge!
  • The equipment we use meets every safety requirement.
  • Your structures will go up quickly with minimum fuss.
  • Above all, our excellent reputation is built upon great service. We ensure everything runs smoothly from the first phone call until your tiered seating is dismantled.

What do we offer?

  • We can offer many types of seating hire, straight or curved fixed tiered seating, and raked seating.
  • We can also provide tiering without seats, which is ideal for choirs, or to use with flexible portable seating.
  • We can design tiered seating structures to suit flat, stepped or raked floors, in straight rows or on a radius, whilst taking into consideration the audiences viewing angles.

Case Studies

Royal Institute of British Architects

"We were truly impressed with your professionalism and the high standard at which these seats were installed. It fitted in extremely well with the existing seating and it was such a great pleasure to work with a team that is sensitive to the listed status of the building. Thank you for delivering an outstanding level of service!"

Comic Con

An example of our classic tiered seating stand with tip-up seats, this time at Comic Con in ExCel. Our tiered seating build uses a simple click-in system that is then screwed down onto the deck - a method that is super fast and safe. The stand is clad with black casement, creating a simple and elegant finish, and the perfect platform for our smart tip-up seats.


An example of a tiered seating structure without tip-up seats: the 1'6" rise allows the audience to sit directly on the deck. There's a ramped disabled viewing platform with a bespoke 800mm guardrail at the front; these guardrails meet height requirements for safety regulations whilst allowing the audience an uninterrupted view. The structure is extensively braced underneath, making it incredibly strong and stable, and the structure has been finished with a hard fascia creating a clean and stylish look.

About Steeldeck

Steeldeck have been providing stage hire and tiered seating solutions for over 25 years. We love a challenge and work hard on every project to ensure that our staging and seating is put to its best possible use. Steeldeck is still our primary stage rental solution, but we also offer Litedeck and Revostage, allowing us to adapt to any event. We pride ourselves on great service, and our staff will be on hand to make sure everything runs smoothly from the first phone call to stage disassembly. Give us a call, or enquire online for stage hire prices and to find out how Steeldeck’s stage and seating hire can work for you.

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